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Telephone Audio Guestbook Hire Liverpool

The latest wedding craze

Recorded messages from your guests for you to keep forever.

Welcome to the future of guestbooks! At Illuminate Liverpool, we’re revolutionizing the way memories are captured and shared. Say goodbye to traditional pen and paper and embrace the convenience and innovation of our Telephone Audio Guestbook.

Brand new on the scene, the audio guestbook hire is a brilliant way for your guests to leave you messages throughout the night which are taken away and compiled into an online folder for you to download. Listen to how your guests messages change throughout the night as the drink takes its toll.

On arrival, we ask you to record a message onto the retro phone, when the guests pickup the handset they'll hear your message asking them to leave you a message after the beep. As soon as they hang-up the message is recorded onto the phone ready for the next guest.

At the end of the hire period we take the phone away, upload all the files and send you a link to download them.

Audio Guestbook Hire Liverpool